Terms & Data Privacy

General Terms

ChessMonitor presents statistics of chess players and chess games.

This page might contain bugs and you use it as it is without any guarantees.

Do not use bots or crawlers to access the website.

The website is based on data from multiple other data sources. You can find the full list of sources in the Credits.

Data Privacy

Web Analytics

This page uses CloudFlare Web Analytics to analyze traffic. No personal data is stored. All data is stored anonymously.

Sign in

You can sign in by using a third-party service (called OAuth). That way, we only store an identifier and the mail address from you. But we do not see the password in the process.

  • Lichess: When you connect your account, we store your profile identifier and your mail address. You find more technical information how the authorization works in the API documentation.
  • Google: When you use Google to login, we store your mail address. You can withdraw access for ChessMonitor anytime in your Google permissions settings.
  • Facebook: When you use Facebook to login, we store your mail address. You can withdraw access for ChessMonitor anytime in your Facebook permissions settings.

The only personal information we store in the process is the mail address from your login provider. The mail address might be used in case we might need to contact you. The mail address is not given away and it is not used to send you spam.


In addition to your login information, we download your chess games from Chess.com and/or Lichess.org to provice you statistics:

This contains various information like the profile URL, player name, number of wins/draws/losses, title (e.g. GM), openings, moves, start times and more. This data is public information available to anyone and evaluated by ChessMonitor to present you various statistics.

Account Deletion

I store your mail address in my database. I currently haven't implemented a way to delete your account, so just write me a mail if you want me to remove your data from the database.