Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take until my games start appearing?
After you registered, we automatically put you in a queue for download. Depending on how many players are in front of you, the first time your games are downloaded might take between a few minutes and up to a day.
I refresh my games, but a few games are still missing?
After your games have finished downloading, it might still take up to one minute, as all pages are cached to reduce the load on the database.
My number of games is different from Why?
Only normal chess games are downloaded, excluding any variants like Chess960. Also, we exclude bot games from your game list.
I'm trying to connect my account, but it keeps saying that the location is wrong. sometimes delivers old locations (to the programming interface that is used) even after changing the location. It might take up to one hour until we can recognize the change. If this keeps happening to you, just try again later. In most cases, it took at maximum one hour until the location was corrected.
The World Map is empty for my profile. Alle countries are "Unknown".
If you just created your profile, give it some time. As the server needs to read all countries of all your opponents, this might take a while when it's done for the first time. Just come back later.
I have another question that is not answered here.
Right now, I'm using reddit as communication platform. You can go on r/chessmonitor and ask your question there. You can also follow the development there and even post ideas or feature requests. Alternatively, you can contact me directly via mail.