Frequently Asked Questions


I changed my user name / profile information / etc. How can I update my profile here?
When you login, your account information will be downloaded. So, just login again, or add the same account again to your profile and the data of your profile will be updated. If you renamed your account (on it might take a few minutes in some cases until all games are added to your new account.
My account is showing my real name. How can I hide this?
The data shown here is provided by the chess websites. If you don't want that data to be public you should remove it from your profile on the websites and then follow the steps above.
I want to remove an added account from my profile
Click on Remove Account in the column Profile Name in the Account page to remove an account from your profile.

Games and Statistics

What happens after I login or I add an account?
When you add an account to your profile (or you login for the first time), ChessMonitor will start to download your games. Games are downloaded one after another. So in case, another user is still waiting for his games, you are placed in a queue.
What is the queue?
A queue is used to make sure all games are downloaded sooner or later. Most of the time, the queue is empty and by adding your account or clicking Update your games are immediatly downloaded. But in some cases, you might have to wait until your games are ready. You don't have to stay on ChessMonitor to keep your place in the queue. You can simply come back later.
Is there a way to see how long I have to wait? / How long does it take until my games start appearing?
In your account page, you can see how many other users are in front of you in the column on the right. On average it takes about 1 minute for each user. In some cases, users with tens of thousands of games are added which then takes a while to add... The first time your games are downloaded might therefore take between a few minutes and up to a day.
What happens when I press Update?
Basically the same as when you added your account. Your games will be downloaded. But this time, this will be a lot faster, as the algorithm can start from where it left meaning that it will skip all previously added games. While the first time your games are read is often rather slow, a simple update is often done in seconds.
My games are being downloaded, but the pages show different numbers of games. Why?
All pages are cached to reduce the load on the database. If you visit different pages while your games are being downloaded, the results might differ. That said, the queue is cleared for you as soon as all games are downloaded and the pages will all show correct values.
The number of games is different from Why?
Only normal chess games are downloaded, excluding any variants like Chess960. Also, bot games are excluded.
The World Map is empty for my profile. All countries are listed as Unknown.
If you have just created your profile, give it some time. As the server needs to read all countries of all your opponents, this might take a a few hours or even days when it's done for the first time. Just check back later.


How can I contact you?
Check out the Contact page.
Can you tell me more about this project?
There are some more questions answered on the About page. The project is not open source right now, but there is a page with more technical details.
I have another question that is not answered here.
Right now, I'm using reddit as communication platform. You can go on r/chessmonitor and ask your question there. You can also follow the development there and even post ideas or feature requests. Alternatively, you can contact me directly via mail.