About ChessMonitor.com

What is this?

When I started playing chess (not that long ago...) I felt like I wanted to see more statistics and number of my games. As I'm a developer I build this tool. I first build this only for myself, but after this post on reddit I decided to turn this into an actual website.

This website is still in development and right now in its Beta test. If you have any issues or ideas, visit this subreddit and shared them with me: r/chessmonitor

How does this work?

Chess.com and Lichess both have public APIs (programming interfaces) that allow you to download games. So, when you link an account (or refresh your games), you will be put into a queue. When it is your time, this website will download your games from chess.com or lichess and then put the information into the database.

Who is behind this?

I'm just one person (Thomas) and am doing this in my free time. If you want to follow the development and get previews of what is coming, you can check out reddit or reach me via mail at thomas (at) name of this website.

How do you make money?

I currently don't make any money with this. Right now this is just a side-project for me.

I have technical problems!

Please check out the list of Frequently Asked Questions.