ChessMonitor 2023 September Updates

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ChessMonitor 2023 September Updates

What happened in the past weeks?


October 6, 2023


  • Opening names added to Explorer
  • Major changes in the server backend
  • Fixed Lichess API problems
  • Multiple smaller changes in the user interface

Openings in the Explorers

I've updated the displayed openings (based on the work) and added the information to the explorer pages (global and personal).

Opening names in the Explorer
Opening names in the Explorer

Backend moved to tRPC

When I started ChessMonitor, I wanted an easy way to validate input on the server while at the same time using TypeScript types from the backend in the frontend code. Back then I coded a custom solution based on a library called ts-json-schema-generator. The custom solution served well for a long time, now it's replaced with tRPC which is a much better and simpler way to create typesafe APIs.

This change meant a major effort in changing all end points but ultimately was worth the effort. It's now much easier to add information without breaking the frontend code. I'm sure that longterm this will increase development speed.

Lichess API returning many 429 (Too Many Requests) errors

There have been multiple problems in September downloading data from Lichess as some of you have noted. In the end, I could trace the error back to Lichess and report an error regarding the /api/users endpoint. I still have a workaround in place on ChessMonitor in case this happens again, but they have fixed it now. Thanks for the quick response from Lichess!

Many minor changes

Apart from these big changes, there have been multiple small changes, like the changed account page. It now shows how long it will (roughly) take until your games are updated. This should be especially useful when there are a bunch of new users signing up.

Estimate for how long the update takes
Estimate for how long the update takes

In addition, the account page was optimized better for mobile devices and many smaller UI changes have been implemented like the use of a proper font that also works better on mobile devices.

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